Nature has always been a hot-bed of inspiration.

I’ve always been absorbed by minute details of nature’s design versus the big picture, like a camera lens that zooms in to look at something very small and zooms out to see the whole landscape. The polarities of my background in fine art and scientific illustration create an interesting tension between expression and fact. Fine art emphasizes the subjective transformation of what the mind and eye sees. The purpose of Biological Illustration is to objectively render a flower, an eye of a fish, bone of a rat- just the facts, ma’am.

The most recent series focuses on the wild orchid family. The attraction with wild orchids is that they are the masters of the forms they take. While people hybridize them to create more beautiful looking flowers, I was drawn by the orchid’s determination of its appearance to survive in its native environment. It was significant that these flowers grow on every continent, except Antarctica. Their diversity of form and the terrain they grow in gave them a place as fellow world citizens. These blossoms have been a “gateway” flower that generated or germinated- bigger ecological and philosophical questions……. continued in “VISION”

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